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You take on the role of a god. Use your life force to create an army of followers, absorb the manna from their prayers, and use your followers to defeat the armies of the wicked rival gods. By destroying your rival god’s followers you stop the worship that sustains them, thereby ending their existence.

Hint: Type the words you see on the screen as quickly as you can!

What is BattleType

BattleType is a tower defence and lane strategy game.  The aim of the game is to destroy the enemy god by summoning your fighters to defend your portal, fight the hordes of enemies on the battlefield (lanes), and to sacrifice themselves at the enemies portal.

How To Play


You summon your fighters by typing their names and pressing enter. Your fighters are listed in the top left of the screen.  Summoning your fighters uses your life force.

Note: Currently there are only two fighters available, Igor a lightweight melee fighter and Zoth a medium weight melee fighter. Future versions of BattleType will have additional fighters including ranged fighters and spell casters.


The random words that appear in the top half of the screen are spells.  Type them in to summon them. Each spell you summon will increase you health.  The longer the spell the more health you will gain.


Summoned fighters enter the battlefield from the portal. Portals move every few seconds, providing fighters access to different lanes on which to fight and journey towards the opponents portal.  If a fighter reaches their opponents portal, they will sacrifice themselves, inflicting great damage to the opponent god.

Tip: Protect your portal from the enemy fighters by keeping your lanes under control.

Install instructions

BattleType requires Java Runtime to run.

If you do not have Java instead, please download from here


BattleType-0.3.2-Win64.zip 20 MB

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